Infrastructure and Technology

Infrastructure & Technology


Public infrastructure is a fundamental function of Cook County government and represents the backbone of how we provide seamless services to residents. Public infrastructure exists and operates in the background of residents’ everyday lives, yet few recognize government’s role in ensuring that it works for those it serves. Infrastructure needs to be robust, inclusive and sustainable. Despite its day-to-day importance, many people only think or learn about public infrastructure after a disaster – such as a bridge collapse, severe flooding, internet broadband failure or a transit disruption.

The integration and effective management of public infrastructure, which includes the buildings and land owned by the County, transportation systems and data and technology systems, enables us to maximize our resources more efficiently and effectively serve residents. These essential assets also contribute to the effectiveness of other government services and provide residents with the tools they need to carry out the day-to-day aspects of their lives. 

Our approach with ARPA funding is to ensure that infrastructure is robust, inclusive and sustainable by maximizing the benefits of County buildings, improving transportation systems and expanding internet access.


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